Increase email open rates, drive customer engagement and grow your Tribe.

Tribe is a straightforward app that has been developed by marketers to engage customers in growing your mission and Tribe.

If you are like most of the companies we work with, then you’ll know that the idea of growing your email list can be far-fetched. It’s hard enough just to keep a hold of the subscribers that you have. One of our customers, Jersey Beauty Company, had the same issue. So last year, they tried Tribe for the first time.

Here’s how it worked for them:

  1. Jersey emailed their customers and invited them to sign up to a VIP email list. Those on the list would hear about their upcoming Black Friday offer 24 hours before they launched it on the site. As Jersey is one of Europe’s best-loved Beauty Sites - the sign-up rate was high.
  2. Jersey showed their customers how they could win fabulous prizes by sharing a unique link with their community. Customers were rewarded depending on how many people joined the list. Tribe generated the link automatically making it easy for Jersey to run, and for their customers to get involved in the idea.
  3. The net result was that thousands of new people joined the Jersey club and connected with them for the first time. And because everyone on the email list was motivated to be on it, the open rate was over 50%. You read that right: an open rate of over 50%!

It has been a tremendous way to do outreach and grow their email list of amazing people around the world that connected with the Jersey brand.

If you are interested in learning how Tribe can help you increase your email open rates, drive customer engagement and help your Tribe outreach to their communities on your behalf, then get in touch. We’d love to chat.

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